Favorite Family Recipe

Our family favorite recipe are these yummy stuffed shells my husband and I stumbled across one day just trying to find something new. I saved it on my Pinterest along with countless other recipes I have yet to try! The hubs is a HUGE fan of pasta {he’s Italian} so this was a no-brainer we had to make it.

They were so easy to make and cost friendly for all you mamas out there on a budget! Since these are time consuming to prepare, I like to make extra pans of shells to freeze for those days when I just don’t have the time < or energy > to prep everything.

Wondering what goes great as sides? Popping your favorite garlic bread or bread sticks in the oven with a nice tossed salad is what I would recommend. It’s fulfilling and leaves you wanting more!

Want to try it?

Here’s what you’ll need:
*2 jars of Alfredo sauce (16oz) — I like my stuff saucy!
*2 chicken breast, shredded
*2 cups broccoli, chopped
*1 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese — We LOVE cheese
*1/2 cup shredded parmesan
*1 box jumbo pasta shells, cooked

>Pre-heat oven to 350
>Coat bottom of dish with a thin layer of Alfredo sauce
>Mix half a jar of Alfredo sauce, chicken, broccoli & cheeses in a bowl
>Stuff {cooked}shells with the mixture
>Coat Alfredo sauce generously over top shells
>Cover with foil and bake for 35-40 minutes
>Remove foil and sprinkle cheese on top if desired
>Place in broiler to liking

Does your family have a favorite recipe?

Share below

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How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

I’ve always hated needles as a kid and would have to be held down by 2-3 people just to be given shots, so I’m even shocked myself I have 8 tattoos. They are nothing big but have great meaning to me.

I got my first tattoo on my right foot of a Hawaiian flower with mine and my dads nicknames, Lil’ Pine & Pine Apple. Since we are Hawaiian all my dads friends called him Pineapple and me Lil’ Pine because I look just like him.

I got my second tattoo on my left wrist of 3 hearts. I have 2 sisters — one older and the other younger. We got matching ones.

I got my third tattoo on my right wrist of the forever Chinese symbol. I really don’t remember why I got this one and wouldn’t mind getting it covered up.

I got my fourth tattoo on my left shoulder of my first sons name and a quote “Mommy’s Pride & Joy.” My dad use to call me his Pride and Joy growing up and I remember the first time the nurse placed my son in my arms those were the first words I said to him.

I got my fifth tattoo on my right side of words shaped into a heart. This one hurt like hell!

I got my sixth tattoo on the back of my neck of 2 infinity signs. My husband thinks it looks like a band-aid…lol me and my older sister got these matching too

I got my seventh tattoo on my left upper arm of my second sons name and quote “Mommy’s Heart and Soul.” I had to find something meaningful like my first one.

My last tattoo is on my right thigh of a feather.

I plan to get more eventually when I figure out what I want.

Do you have any tattoos?

Where Are All My Stay-At-Home-Moms?

I quit my job 15 months ago to be a SAHM and I feel like it has been more stressful than enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong I love my babies to death and am very blessed to be able not to miss any milestones with them, but at times I feel like I can’t breathe or that my days are on repeat. Are any of you guys feeling this way?

I’ve been working ever since I was 15 so since then I have been pretty independent. Not working and bringing in my own income has pretty much stripped me of my independence. I can no longer go shopping just because I want to. There’s no more out of the blue outings with the kids because we can’t afford it at the moment. Those I’m too tired or lazy to cook days have turned into meal prepping for the week because it’s no longer in the budget. All of these little mindless things I would have never thought about are now constanly on my mind. Lately it seems every little thing is eating at me inside and I’m just stuck in the motions.

With a history of depression and anxiety I feel like its slowly creeping back on me. I was diagnosed with these when I was 18 after having my first son. Since then I have been on and off my medication — my preference. I really struggle taking pills so having to take 2 everyday brought on even more anxiety. I weaned myself off the meds about 2 years ago and haven’t been back on since. I really hate how they make me feel but then again when I am not on them things just seem to build back up for me and put me in a dark hole. I’m really struggling with how to tell my husband all this and with making an appointment to see my doctor to talk about my options. Everyone thinks being a SAHM is the “dream job” but those are the ones who have not done it yet in my opinion.

I’ve lost friends and even some family since I’ve quit my job. I pretty much isolate myself in the house and make excuses not to leave. I want to seek help but then again that would mean I have to talk to someone about everything I’m feeling and right now it’s just so hard for me. I’m still trying to figure out what’s all wrong with me so how could I possibly explain it to someone else? Another reason is I’m just plain scared. Scared to share my feelings and let anyone see how vulnerable I really am. Putting on a smile and pretending I’m fine everyday is getting harder to do but just like being a mother I find a way.

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t affecting my marriage because I can tell it is. My actions and words are getting more spiteful and not on purpose either. I can’t control it sometimes. Again communication is key but I just can’t find the right words for my husband to understand it. How did you talk to your spouse or loved one on how your feeling? Did it cause bigger issues?

Please note even writing this was hard for me to open up but I feel like this was the starting point of me wanting to seek help. Me actually sharing a little bit of what’s been bothering me and wanting a change for the good.

Where I See My Life Going

One Year From Now…

I see myself living a better lifestyle, health wise. I really want to start making healthier food choices and drinking more water. Coming up with a workout plan that works for me and sticking with it! I really hope to build the strength throughout this upcoming year to achieve this.

I want to start making self care more of a priority for myself. I am always worried about making sure the kids are set and that my husband has everything he needs, leaving me looking a hot mess half the time {or should I say majority of the time lol}

Five Years From Now…

I see my hubby and I finally owning our own house! I can’t wait for the day our little family is all nestled up in a home we can actually call ours. To be able to do whatever we want to the house and not have to worry about breaking a contract. I’m looking for more permanent within these years and less temporary.

Being able to settle down and start building our forever. Helping our children grow and achieve all possible. Learning what it really means to work as a family. This will be our shining time.

Ten Years From Now…

I see myself starting to live my prime years. I never really got to travel or have those “party” days in my younger years so I plan to take full advantage of it during this time. I had my kids young starting at 17 and since then I have devoted all my time and energy to them. Everything I do is for them, they come before anyone and anything. My mother has always installed in my head, once you have kids your life is basically put on hold. So I figure by this time my kids will be old enough to where they can stay home by themselves so me and my hubby can go on those weekend getaways.

I don’t want to sound selfish but these are the years I plan to do more of what I want. I’m going to do those afternoon brunches with my friends without lugging kids with me. I can’t wait to trade play dates for more ladies nights and be able to drive alone in the car blasting my favorite music!

Where do you see yourself in the upcoming years?

I Am 26 Challenge

I wanted to try this challenge to see what I could come up with. To be honest I spent the last few nights going through a dictionary trying to find the right words to describe me. It was a lot harder than I thought lol

《A》mbitious – I’ve always been driven to get things done

《B》enevolent – Growing up my mom always said I was her “happy go lucky” girl always kind hearted willing to help

《C》ontent – I completely happy and satisfied with my life at the moment

《D》iligent – I’m always extra careful especially when it comes to my kids

《E》ager – When I want something, nothing stops me from getting it

《F》aithful – I’m very loyal to my family & friends

《G》ullible – As a kid and even at times now I believe just about anything someone would tell me

《H》ungry – laugh all you want but I’m ALWAYS hungry lol

《I》solated – Being a SAHM I feel kinda stuck

《J》ealous – I can get very jealous at times

《K》ind – No matter the circumstance I’ll always be nice to you

《L》ucky – I feel blessed to be where I’m at in life and who I share it with

《M》other – The best title I’ll ever achieve

《N》osey – I like to be all up in the biz

《O》verwhelm – I tend to let my feelings get the best of me a lot

《P》arsimony – I’m guilty of being selfish and stingy when I don’t get my way

《Q》uiet – If I don’t know you I’ll barely say 2 words to you

《R》ankle – my husband says I annoy and make him mad at times

《S》hy – I’m very shy at first

《T》icklish – Don’t even try to tickle me, I’m not responsible for any injuries

《U》nderstanding – I’m a very understanding person if you tell the truth

《V》ague – I tend to be short with words when mad

《W》eird – There is nothing wrong with being a little different

《X》enodochial – I’m friendly to strangers

《Y》outhful – I’m so glad to still be young

《Z》any – I can be foolish at times

Are you daring enough to try this?